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Same-day service for junk removal

We are always free for the new job

When it comes to home clean-out, there are lots of junk to be removed. If you need someone who could safely and conveniently collect and package junk, we are ready as soon as you want us. What’s more, we do all in 1 day while other companies will require two or more days to get done!

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Customized solutions to satisfy all needs

We operate a park of our own dumpsters and trucks to clear your junk

We offer competitive rates and expert advice to help you choose the style and size of container that is best for you. Simple Junk Removal has over 600 dumpsters and roll-off boxes available in your location to meet your clean-up, construction, demolition, or recycling needs. Do you have an on-going disposal or recycling need? No problem. We accommodate long-term disposal needs as well and offer unbeatable prices for these services.


High standards of safety

We value standards to guarantee 100% safe junk removal

At Simple Junk Removal, we train our expert team of specialists to keep our high safety standards. Our main duty involves collecting, treating and disposing of junk. At the same time it includes dealing with a diverse number of junk products that are dangerous, industrial as well as hazardous goods packed inside bins, containers or drums. Each job is completed with the speed and skill you want added to the care and precision you need.

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Liquid junk recycling and removal – no problems!

Simple Junk Removal in your location comes with safe disposal services and collection for various liquid junk products. Junk products are easily removed with package or bulk liquid (vacuum tanker) for secured disposal and transportation. We operate with:

  • - Packaged junk
  • - Sludge
  • - Surfactants
  • - Oily Water
  • - Greasy Traps in greasy form
  • - Septic tanks

Reduced environmental impact

Simple Junk Removal performs the collection and treatment of industrial waste streams or toxic junk that is usually packed in bulk bags, drums and/or bins. Junk products may come in either solid, liquid or powder form, such as: junk from clinics and hospitals, used lab chemicals, spill kits with contamination, asphalt binders, surface treatments, sealing, paint and solvents, pesticides, dyes and inks, other sorts of junks hazardous to health. We have the best technological solutions to recycle all the above and guarantee minimal impact on nature.

Other sorts of junk we collect and recycle

Moreover to the types of junks given above, Simple Junk Removal likewise collects as well as responsibly disposes and treats of: caustics and acids (corrosive substances), junk quarantine, material and soils with contamination, solid, liquid or powder form junk chemicals.

Give us a call at 888-526-0077 to order a free quote!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We provide complete professional service in hauling, sorting, and disposing of your junk. For your ease we will pick up the junk from any place. So anytime you need Junk Removal we are glad to help you, whether it is for a domestic or commercial property.

Give us a call at 888-526-0077 and ask for a free quote.

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Simple Junk Removal

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